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Tips: Your Professional Brand

Read quick thoughts on why and how to shape your personal brand.


Companies Hiring: Verenium

Biofuel from enzymes, microbial genes and bioprospecting; why not work for a company like this!


Thursday, October 27, 2016

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Your Major: Mech./Civ. Eng. BS

The past predicts the future. These old listings show you types of jobs you could get and should be looking for.


Post Grad: Energy Institute, U of Texas

Sunlight to fuel and renewable energy storage are just a couple of the Energy Institute's AltE focus areas.


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Biofuels: Beyond (not over) a Barrel

All you need is a little mustard seed for your jet fuel!


Post Grad: University of Arizona

The sun is rising on alternative energy education, research and outreach at the University of Arizona


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