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Posted: 09/13/2017
Company name: NREL
Company Website:
Job Title: PostDoc Researcher-Applied Math PhD
Term: Entry +
Degree: Graduate
Major: Math/Statistics
Industry: National-Lab
Location CO
Description  The Advanced Modeling and Simulation Group in the NREL Computational Science Center has an opening for a full-time Postdoctoral Researcher in applied mathematics on high performance computing systems. Emphasis is placed on the construction and solution of complex and coupled systems, stochastic systems, optimization problems, uncertainty quantification, control systems and linear/nonlinear systems for energy systems research and in support of the DOE ASCR funded exascale computing project . We are looking for a dynamic, motivated researcher with a strong technical background and an interest in the mission of NREL. The successful candidate will collaborate with NREL staff and researchers, other national labs, universities on efforts to develop a rigorous mathematical grounding, numerical methods, optimization and efficient parallel algorithms and software in support of the effective use of high performance computing (HPC) systems. Enabling NREL and its collaborators to fully utilize NREL's HPC system, peregrine, for research and development activities in grid modernization, energy systems integration, science, engineering, energy analysis, and optimization is paramount to addressing national goals for utilization of renewable energy and energy efficiency technologies. Responsibilities include: Collaborate with NREL and partner researchers to design, implement and carry out numerical and computational experiments that are dependent on the construction and solution of linear and non-linear complex, coupled and stochastic systems, including the implementation, and execution of workflows on HPC systems. Conduct independent and collaborative research in developing and using advanced applied mathematics, modeling and simulation for energy systems research. Evaluate and track state of the applied mathematics and its use on advanced and emerging computing architectures. Author, present and assist in the preparation of technical papers, reports and conference proceedings on topics related to applied math algorithms and their application use exascale computers. . Required Education, Experience, and SkillsMust be a recent PhD graduate within the last three years. . Preferred Qualifications Preferred experience includes: Experience with validation and verification, parameter estimation and optimization, model predictive control implementations, MI(L)P formulations and solver behavior, market formulations, uncertainty quantification and sensitivity analysis, power flow solvers. A strong background in scalable algorithm development and implementation for scientific and engineering applications. Strong analytical skills and programming experience. Demonstrated expertise in the advanced modeling and simulation of complex systems. Demonstrated expert skill at developing parallel programs using both shared memory and distributed memory mechanisms such as MPI, OpenMP, Pthreads, and CUDA. Experience with resource optimization solvers, decision-support systems, and multi-scale energy systems. .