How to become a LinkedIn Pro

How to become a LinkedIn Pro

After spending way too much time on LinkedIn to help you guys, here are things I urge you to do (and not to do).


When creating your profile:

  • Headshot HD pic, 400 by 400 pixel, no cropped arms around neck;
  • Professional grade summer internships, lose camp counselor gig;
  • A really low connection count suggests your professional future is not a priority;
  • Read Dayaway Informational Interview tips to grow your connections;
  • Avoid wordiness, listing every paper and HS wrestling award;
  • Use groups, following & companies to show your professional interests;
  • Like, comment & share your connections’ articles; getting recognition starts with giving it;
  • Your profile is a mosaic. Use each line to paint your big picture.


When using Linkedin:

  • Use “company” search to learn about specific RE companies (#employees, employee profiles, size, etc.);
  • Use “Also Viewed” when on a company’s page to see similar companies, i.e., in the same sector;
  • When looking at employees at a company, prioritize entry level faces and job titles – peers;
  • Teach yourself patterns between peer job titles corresponding with your major (click on their full profile);
  • Study where peers worked before getting into the Renewable Energy sector and whether this can be an option for you;
  • Use the “school” and “industry” filter (industry = renewables) to find alums in RE.


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