Dayaway Loves CELI’s Focus on Clean Energy Skills!

Dayaway knows what young professionals need to do to get employed and promoted in Clean Energy.  They need to develop clean energy skills and contacts.  CELI is all about developing clean energy skills and contacts.  CELI members don’t just talk about a clean energy future.  They are making it happen – because they are really good at what they do and they have great clean energy contacts.  Check out emPower19 to learn from them and their cleantech partners.

Action Packed Agenda

Get ready for a day of action! As part of the #emPOWER19 Conference, we’re designing Green New Future plans for 20 states with the highest emissions per capita.* Throughout the day, you will hear from trailblazers in our field on the challenges and opportunities we face, participate in deep dive workshops, and partner with a cross-functional team to collaboratively build a plan for a specific state.  This is a terrific way for you to build you clean energy skills and contacts!

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