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Research Associate/Senior Research Associate


The successful candidate will be self-motivated, thriving in a research team environment, and committed to use biotechnology towards commercial and societal impact. This position will be part of multidisciplinary teams within a large community of chemists, biochemists, molecular biologists, microbiologists, computational biologists, and biochemical engineers. The individual will be responsible for:

Carrying out enzymatic synthesis reactions.
Derivatization of enzymatically produced compounds using organic synthesis for use in targeted end-use applications.
Characterization of polymers and derivatives by routine analytical methods including; IR, HPLC, GC, mass spec.
Characterization of macroscopic properties including; thermal, rheological, and mechanical.
Job Qualifications

B.S. or M.S. in organic chemistry, biochemistry, biology, chemistry, or related field.
2+ Years of laboratory research experience.
Demonstrated knowledge of basic synthetic organic chemistry, and preferably also basic biochemistry.
Knowledge and skills to conduct organic chemistry and biochemical hands-on experimental work in laboratory, analyze, interpret the data, and suggest modifications.
Demonstrated ability to adhere to protocols and produce precise documentation of experimental work.
Demonstrated capability to execute computer related tasks using standard software such as MS Word, Excel, and equipment interfacing programs.
Thorough knowledge of general safety practices for operating potentially hazardous processes.
The successful candidate must be motivated, creative, have strong problem solving and critical thinking skills, and capable of working independently and in a collaborative setting to meet technical objectives and milestones.
Strong record keeping and organizational skills with excellent attention to detail
Excellent written and verbal communication skills and the desire to work as a bench-scientist within a multidisciplinary team are required.


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