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We are looking for a product manager who is willing to undertake an insane challenge. How do you make a complex transaction like financing an electric vehicle or installing a residential energy system as simple as buying a book online? How do you offer test drives without test drive cars? How do you optimize registration, delivery and upgrade systems in countries around the world? You will not be asked to manage incremental improvements to arbitrary KPIs. You’ll be expected to create something the world has never seen. In short, you will create the future and save the planet.


Lead the ideation, technical approach and launch of digital products
Own a distinct product area end-to-end
Build consensus from multiple lines of business
Drive product development with engineers and designers
Integrate analytics, data science and research into your methodology
Maximize productivity in a constantly changing environment of shifting priorities
Ruthlessly prioritize
Influence without reporting structure
Operate without guidance
Resolve conflict productively within your team

2-3+ years product management in a consumer software company
Bridging online and offline domains for full customer journey impact
Computer science background or equivalent experience
Piloting and prototyping before investing
Building digital products from the ground up experiencing both successes and failures
Working with businesses/industries in which you had no prior knowledge


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