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Contributing to the development of Autopilot simulation through managing engineers, artists and subcontractors engaged in the creation of photo realistic 3D scenes that can accurately model the driving experience in a wide range of locales and conditions. Working directly with simulation, computer vision, control and test engineers to ensure that the scenes created are high quality and can enable the faithful reproduction of autopilot behavior in simulation.


Work with graphics engineers and artists to understand the requirements for asset creation and scene development for simulation.
Commission and manage artist subcontractors to fulfill simulator scene creation requirements.
Track project progress and work with all parties to ensure work packages are completed on time.
Maintain awareness of team-wide art and development issues.
Maintain awareness of the high-level goals of the autopilot program.

Has a graphics engineering background.
Has experience managing creative, high-performing software teams.
Has experience working in complex, rapid-moving projects.
Driving/Racing game dev experience is a bonus.
Has strong language skills – excellent spoken and written English.
Leadership experience working with cross discipline and external teams.
Must be autonomous while working on set tasks from the schedule.
Must have the ability to problem solve and define best work practices within their assigned area of work.
High degree of self-motivation and initiative.


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