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The Applications Modeling Scientist will be responsible for analyzing relationships between battery chemistry, system function, and vehicle application requirements for automotive energy storage applications. Additionally, the candidate will be responsible for understanding how certain changes to the battery impact function, using both modeling as well as laboratory investigations. This position will require a candidate with strong quantitative and analytical skills who can work with a variety of different stakeholders.

The candidate will be expected to develop a broad understanding of automotive batteries, including how the cell relates to the system, how the system relates to the vehicle, and how the vehicle is impacted by its application requirements (both consumer and regulatory). The candidate will also be placed into a rotation program to facilitate introduction to these different disciplines, including a variety of laboratory and computational tasks, prior to assuming a final position.



PhD in Chemistry, chemical engineering, materials science, physics, or related field of study.
Doctoral thesis related to energy storage with focus on quantitative investigations
Demonstrated record of innovation, publication, and presentation
Demonstrated experience investigating relationship between material properties and performance
Experience with materials related to batteries or energy storage
2+ years experience with battery or vehicle modeling
Excellent oral and written communication skills.


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