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A Scientist III position is available in NREL’s Materials Science Center to explore materials science and chemistry relevant to electrochemical energy storage devices, with an emphasis on solid-electrolyte Materials that can enable next-generation battery technologies. The candidate will support a larger group effort exploring fundamental material properties in electrochemical devices.


Key knowledge includes the techniques and methodologies of electrochemical devices, experimental designs and methods, and processing and physical analysis of materials. It is expected that this experience will be leveraged to develop novel solid-electrolyte materials, with an emphasis on developing fundamental understanding of critical interfaces leading to improvements in performance and stability. Other areas of interest include positive and negative electrode materials, composites, and artificial SEIs designed to stabilize interfaces. Successful applicants will demonstrate the ability to process and utilize these materials, and to examine the interactions of these materials under cell environments (i.e., battery fabrication, testing and cycling measurement analysis). Additionally, these experiments should be designed to provide an understanding of the mechanisms of operation and possible methods for improvements of advanced electrochemical cells, including new materials and synthesis thereof. This work is synergistic with the larger team effort focused on providing an understanding of the mechanisms of operation and possible methods for improvements of advanced electrochemical cells, including advanced all-solid-state batteries.


Successful candidates will demonstrate considerable knowledge in the development of battery materials – e.g., silicon, tin, graphite, oxides, ceramics, glasses, and composites – and the interactions of these materials with each other and reactions under various conditions with specific interest in the area of electrochemical devices, such as lithium-ion batteries.


Qualified candidates must demonstrate considerable skill in interpreting and assessing the experimental results of their own work and that of others. Finally, excellent interpersonal as well as oral and written communication skills are essential for success at NREL.



Required Education, Experience, and Skills

Relevant PhD . Or, relevant Master’s Degree and 3 or more years of experience . Or, relevant Bachelor’s Degree and 5 or more years of experience . Demonstrates complete understanding and wide application of scientific technical procedures, principles, theories and concepts in the field. General knowledge of other related disciplines. Demonstrates leadership in one or more areas of team, task or project lead responsibilities. Demonstrated experience in management of projects. Very good technical writing, interpersonal and communication skills.


Preferred Qualifications

Knowledge of the physical and chemical principles underlying materials properties, phase equilibria, room temperature solid-state chemistry, thermodynamics and the experimental techniques and methodologies associated with these areas are considered a plus.

PhD. in Chemistry, materials science and engineering, physics, or related field. Strong record of publications/presentations in areas relevant to NREL projects.



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