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The Sensing and Predictive Analytics group at NREL is looking for an accomplished and dynamic candidate with a positive attitude and excellent collaboration skills to join our cutting-edge research team to work on data-driven technology for energy systems planning and operation. The ideal candidate will bring a strong track record in data-driven power system modeling and analysis, measurement-based operation and control, machine learning and signal processing. The candidate should demonstrate experience in theory and algorithms development and programming skills.

The successful candidate will work towards the development of optimal sensor placement and selection, for power systems with high penetration of distributed energy sources. The candidate will be part of the Sensing and Predictive Analytics group under the Power Systems Engineering Center (PSEC) at NREL. PSEC supports the science and technology goals of the U.S. Department of Energy and NREL toward a sustainable energy future. The center works with the electricity industry to optimize strategies for effectively interconnecting renewable resources and emerging energy efficiency technologies in the existing electric power system. The center focuses on resolving grid integration barriers and providing improved control and management strategies for increased grid flexibility, consumer empowerment, and transportation electrification.

The job responsibilities include:

Publish results in top technical journals and conference proceedings; present work at conferences, symposia, and review meetings
Collaborate with management and senior staff to develop proposals in the area of data analytics for next-generation energy systems
Execute major projects as a principal technical contributor
Demonstrate leadership in several areas of team, task, or project lead responsibilities
Provide reports on technical work and input to technical publications and presentations
Follow all Environment, Safety, and Health policies and procedures to ensure and maintain a safe working environment

Required Education, Experience, and Skills

Must be a recent PhD graduate within the last three years.

Preferred Qualifications

Ideal candidates will have a background and expertise in one or more of the following topics:

Stability analysis and prediction using synchrophasors
Interconnection-wide and distribution level synchrophasor measurement data analytics
Measurement-based approach to model, predict and control large-scale power grids
Hardware development and testing experience with DSP, PLC, and microcontroller
Machine learning
Convex and nonconvex optimization
Proficiency in one or more of the following programming languages: Matlab, C, Python, and Fortran
Proficiency in one or more of the following power system analysis tools: PSS/E and PSLF, DSA Tools, PSCAD, PowerWorld, Digsilent, EMTP, and RTDS
Familiarity with latest findings in state estimation and forecasting within the context of power systems and renewable generation
Demonstrates broad understanding and wide application of principles, theories, and concepts in operations, controls, and optimization of power systems areas
General knowledge of other related disciplines
Knowledge of communication protocols used in power systems


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