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A postdoctoral position is available in NREL’s Chemistry and Nanoscience Science Center in the area of design, synthesis, and characterization of inorganic-organic hybrid perovskites for solar energy applications. The initial appointment is for one year, with possible renewal up to three years.

This position will focus on perovskite solar cell research and development. Day to day duties include fabrication of thin-film solar cells using new and/or existing perovskite absorbers (e.g., Pb and/or Sn based halide perovskite thin films), development of new perovskite absorbers as well as new device architectures with improved performance and stability, and basic characterization of material and optoelectronic properties, and solar cell device modeling. The candidate will interact with a larger group effort exploring the scientific underpinnings of perovskite-based solar cells. The collaborative environment requires a candidate who has the ability to interface with scientists of different disciplines and to learn topics outside their area of expertise. Candidates will be expected to communicate their results through journal publications, conference and funding agency presentations. In general, candidates should have a demonstrated track record of success in formulating, addressing fundamental/applied science questions and devising solutions to challenging problems as part of a team effort. The candidate will be required to work closely with the Environment, Health, & Safety team to follow safe work procedures, as well as to handle waste properly and keep a clean, well-organized work environment.

The ideal candidate will have:

A Ph.D. in physics, chemistry, materials science & engineering, mechanical/electrical engineering, or related field
A record of publications in areas relevant to NREL projects.
Demonstrated capabilities to work collaboratively on interdisciplinary technical projects.

Required Education, Experience, and Skills

Must be a recent PhD graduate within the last three years.

Preferred Qualifications

The ideal candidate should have demonstrated expertise in solution processing, in particular with good understanding of the growth/formation mechanisms of solution-processed semiconductors; nanostructured and/or planar thin-film solar cell fabrication and characterization; tandem or multijunction thin-film solar cells; solar cell device physics and modeling; good writing and presentation skills; troubleshooting and problem-solving skills; attention to detail; dedication to a safe and clean work environment; ability to work independently or in multi-disciplinary teams and to deliver high-quality results; and experience with chemical hazard analysis.



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