Position Description
Prior research experience and knowledge on beyond Li-ion batteries.
Hands on skills on electrochemical flow cell design and fabrication.
Hand on skill on electrochemical cell engineering and assemblies, including coin cells, pouch cells and flow cells.
Strong skills on material characterization techniques, such as XRD, XPS, SEM/EDS, TEM, FTIR, DSC, TGA, BET, and Particle size analysis, etc.
Strong skills in electrochemistry and electrochemical analytical techniques, such as AC Impedance, Cyclic Voltammetry, PITT, GITT, etc.
Ability in data analysis and information organization as demonstrated in publications.
Description of Research Program:

Development of rechargeable flow cell technologies utilizing beyond Li-ion chemistries.

Conduct basic research on multiple battery materials and electrochemical systems by utilizing various material and electrochemical characterization techniques.
Plan and execute research experiments in electrochemical cell systems via material processing, electrochemical cell assembly and cell testing.
Study cell level component interactions, achieve mechanistic understanding and identify function and degradation mechanisms.
Implement and create methods of diagnostic testing for battery characterization.
Prepare timely, high-quality reports, patent applications and scientific papers for publication.
Be a good communicator and an effective member of project teams.
Be capable of conducting research in multi-disciplinary environment.
Position Requirements
PhD in Materials Science, Chemistry, Chemical Engineering or a related discipline.
Extensive knowledge of electrochemical energy storage systems.
Extensive knowledge of battery cathodes, anode, electrolytes and additives materials.
Strong skills in material synthesis, processing and characterization.
Strong skills in electrochemistry and electrochemical analytical techniques.
Hands-on knowledge of battery and/or other electrochemical energy devices testing and design.
Excellent mechanistic understanding of battery materials interaction and battery degradation.
Research accomplishment as demonstrated in publications.
Ability to work both independently and in teams, and be able to effectively work with others.
Good oral and written communication skills.
Results oriented with good problem solving capability.


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