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The Project Developer is responsible for securing land positions, negotiating LOIs and lease/purchase options, the successful development, including entitlement, permitting and environmental compliance, for projects to which he or she is assigned. The Project Developer will establish and manage the development schedule and development budget. During the development phase of a project, the Project Developer will represent the company’s interests in front of authorities having jurisdiction such as city councils, zoning commissions, and planning commissions. In connection with the project financing process, the Project Developer will prepare permitting summaries and will address questions and issues raised by juwi’s customers on these matters. During the construction phase of a project, the Project Developer will ensure compliance with all project permits. The Project Developer will work closely with the Business Development, Project Management, Engineering, Construction, Legal and Finance teams to ensure timely and smooth project development.

Position Description:
In addition to the functional responsibilities described above, the Project Developer:
Participates as an integral member of the Project Development team;
Identifies land parcels meeting the Company’s solar development requirements;
Secures land positions for the Company;
Supports in-house title in gathering, organizing and analyzing title documents and performing internal title updates;
Works with in-house GIS resources to guide land screening activities;
Engages landowners in land acquisition discussions about project site opportunities;
Supports drafting of LOI, option and lease agreements;
Negotiates LOIs, options and lease agreements with landowners;
Travels to site locations to meet with landowners and evaluate sites;
Maintains a working relationship with landowners;
Coordinates and distributes work assignments when the workload requires using contract personnel for lease acquisitions;
Writes summary land reports documenting the landscape of leasing options;
Assists in title curative work;
Identifies and selects viable utility-scale solar energy generation facility locations, including the identification of property ownership, topography, insolation, and interconnection;
Confers with internal team members to ensure potential land use, zoning, and environmental risks and costs are understood prior to committing to a project site;
Generates and manages development schedules and budgets reflecting research into permitting and site study requirements, timeframes, and costs and periodically reports progress;
Oversees the development and permitting processes for specific projects, including:
supporting the Engineering team in the interconnection process,
selecting and managing consulting firms (e.g. environmental site studies, surveying, permitting support and regulatory compliance),
consulting on the selection of a civil design firm,
supporting site design efforts,
managing all land use and zoning approvals, site studies and environmental permitting, and
ensuring compliance with all permits and approvals;
Advises the Business Development, Project Management, Legal, Engineering, Construction, and other teams to ensure a comprehensive understanding of project permitting requirements, a smooth handoff between development and project management and a successful, cost effective, and efficient project development process;
Manages community outreach and public stakeholder communication and education;
Manages outside counsel on project-specific land use, zoning, and environmental issues; and
Works with landowners on permitting and approval processes.
BA/BS degree: planning, civil engineering, construction management, environmental, natural resources degree or relevant work experience preferred.
Excellent written and oral communication skills.
Minimum of five years of experience in land sourcing, project development, permitting/planning.
Strong understanding of land title matters, land use, zoning, construction permitting, and environmental policy and law.
Understanding of local, state, and federal governments and regulations.
Ability to accurately work under pressure in meeting deadlines.
Strong interpersonal skills, excellent communication and coordination skills.
Ability to work autonomously and to take initiative.
Strong organizational skills and ability.
Ability and desire to learn from more experience team members.
Ability to elicit cooperation from team members across departments.
Demonstrated efficiency in managing multi-disciplinary tasks and teams.
Willingness to work flexible and long hours with occasional project-related travel.
Team player.
Interest in renewable energy.
Skilled in MS Excel, PowerPoint, Project, and Word.
Any offer of employment for this position will be conditioned upon drug screening, in accordance with Section 12-3-3, B.R.C. 1981.


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