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We are seeking an experienced engineer to join our Development/Implementation team. In this role you will be responsible for working on all aspects of development, design, modling, construction, and generation of EDF projects and specialize in battery storage. The projects include standalone grid connected, DC and AC coupled with PV, Accoupled with PV, AC coupled with wind, and C&I projects. The engineer will be expected to spend the majority of the time working on battery storage but should have an engineering background and be capable of working on wind and solar projects.

To be considered for this role we are seeking an individual with a Bachelors degree in Engineering. You must also have 3+ years of experience in engineering design/construction; project engineering experience is a plus. We are looking for strong organizational and communication skills. You should also possess extensive and diversified knowledge of relevant codes, standards and engineering principles and practices required to produce safe, efficient, reliable, easy to operate and maintain, and cost-effective. You must have experience in engineering software including, AutoCAD, PVsyst, ETAP, SKM.


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