Don’t be Afraid of the Detour – Just Follow Your North Star

Don’t be Afraid of the Detour – Just Follow Your North Star

Many, maybe a majority of, the early stage professionals I see working in clean energy have worked outside clean energy first. Depending upon their degree and major, they’ve worked (for a year or two) at places like: Intel, Deloitte, Boeing, NGOs, MWH, Exelon, EPA, Ford and yes, Exxon. Why? Several basic reasons:

  1. Getting directly into renewable energy just did not happen, so;
  2. Getting good at their trade (and paying the bills) was the next best option.

But, they are now working in renewables. This happened because:

  1. They never stopped learning about clean energy and networking into it even while in their non-renewables job;
  2. They realized renewables recruiters look for experience in a role (project manager, financial analyst, compliance specialist) in addition to awesome college coursework and passion for clean energy.

So, look upon your use of Dayaway and your cleantech job search as having two potential outcomes: you get in now or later. A few years do not make that much of a difference. You’re twenty-something. You will work 20 to 30 years and have many jobs. Make clean energy your “north star” and work towards it. It may not happen initially with a direct flight, but it will be your destination if you are determined and strategic.