Getting a renewable energy job

College students know how hard it is to get a renewable energy job

And they know what works. The following insights are recommended by students for students seeking entry level renewable energy jobs.

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Common Ground Networking

When you’re networking digitally (i.e., sending emails to young professionals you don’t know), you really need to reach out to people with whom you have common ground.  Common Ground makes you more than a stranger

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Informational Interviews: More Buying, Less Selling

Arranging informational interviews with recent graduates working in renewable energy is the single most important networking step you must take.  The strategy is as much about what you don’t do as what you do. You

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Engineers for a Sustainable World

Finding and requesting an Informational Interview

After you have identified specific industries, companies and roles you are interested in (takes a lot work), most folks go to Linkedin and do a “company search” to find companies they are targeting.  On linkedin,

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Preparing For Your Informational Interview

Before your interview, do serious online research about the company and the person.  Google the company to learn about their products, services, leadership, financial report card, press releases, etc.  Study your interviewee’s Linkedin profile carefully