Amyris is seeking a Research Associate with a background in biochemistry, genetics, microbiology, synthetic biology, chemistry or chemical engineering, and with substantial experience in molecular biology techniques. Working with a team of scientists and utilizing the world’s most advanced high-throughput automated strain engineering platform, the successful candidate will design, build, and test microbial strains and enzymes to improve strain performance (i.e., conversion of sugar into target molecules) in industrial fermentation conditions.


• Follow and troubleshoot molecular biology protocols for work with yeast, bacteria, and isolated DNA.
• Learn and use in-house computational tools to translate hypotheses and metabolic pathways into large, multi-component DNA designs.
• Work with the automated strain engineering, high-throughput screening, analytical chemistry, systems biology, and fermentation groups to build and test engineered strains in concurrent, overlapping experiments.
• Keep thorough and careful notes on all lab work and samples.
• Analyze experimental results to draw well-supported conclusions and generate hypotheses.
• Communicate scientific results within the team and to small audiences.
• Troubleshoot and improve processes.


• B.S. degree in molecular biology, biochemistry, genetics, molecular biology, chemistry, chemical engineering, or a related discipline
• Strong background in molecular biology techniques including PCR, multi-part DNA assembly, and microbial transformations
• Experience with DNA sequence analysis and in silico DNA sequence manipulation
• Proficiency with Microsoft Excel (or R or similar programs) and comfortable with analysis of large data sets using a variety of software tools
• Ability to handle multiple independent experiments in a staggered and concurrent fashion
• Effective written and verbal communication
• Track record of successful work on a team

Optional favorable characteristics 

• Experience with S. cerevisiae
• Knowledge of SQL or other database tools and/or a basic proficiency with Python or other programming language
• iGEM experience
• Knowledge of metabolic pathways or experience with laboratory directed evolution
• Experience with enzyme evolution, engineering, structural analysis, and/or kinetic measurements



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