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LanzaTech has developed extensive metabolic modeling capability around our novel gas fermentation platform. This modeling capability is used to guide scientific, engineering and business decisions.

You will use your expert knowledge of microbial metabolism to computationally design, develop and refine new microbial strains that specialize in making chemicals from pollution. You will participate in the design-build-test feedback loop with scientists and engineers across the company to refine these strain designs and contribute to the ongoing development and refinement of our models.

Key duties

  • Integrate metabolomic, genomic, proteomic and transcriptomic data sets to solve deep biological problems
  • Contribute to ongoing development and refinement of genome annotations, metabolic knowledgebases and metabolic models
  • Design in silico experiments for biological discovery, computational strain design, process optimization and the prediction of cellular phenotypes.
  • Carry out in silico experiments using the latest metabolic modeling technology
  • Clearly document work and methods by integrating code and narrative text in Jupyter notebooks
  • Communicate your findings, insights and conclusions to other scientific teams
  • Present summary of results to group in weekly meetings

Education & Experience


  • PhD in computational biology, quantitative biology, bioinformatics, computational systems biology or equivalent
  • Strong knowledge of microbial biochemistry
  • Significant exposure to prokaryotic biology with emphasis on metabolism, ideally to a gas fermenting acetogen
  • Deep knowledge of the principles behind genome-scale modeling, flux balance analysis and associated techniques
  • Expert user of genome-scale modeling tools such as cobrapy, cameo, Escher, OptFlux, COBRA Toolbox
  • Intermediate Python knowledge or expert in another programming language
  • Team player balanced with strong individual initiative


  • Industry experience highly desirable
  • Exposure to microbial fermentation highly desirable
  • Experience with Gurobi, CPLEX, TOMLAB
  • Experience with Docker, Kubernetes, Travis CI, Git
  • Experience designing interactive data visualizations using Bokeh, R Shiny or Tableau
  • Experience with ME and GEM-Pro genome-scale models, kinetic models and whole-cell models
  • Experience in synthetic biology


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