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Genomatica’s Enzyme Engineering Team is seeking a detail-oriented Senior Research Associate to develop and perform enzyme activity assays and kinetic characterization including purification and characterization of purified enzyme, in order to select the best enzymes for Genomatica’s production processes. In addition, he or she will assist in cloning and expression, and bacterial growth procedures to enable said enzyme characterization.


  • Works with enzyme engineering scientists to develop enzyme assays and use these assays to characterize enzyme variants for to assess suitability for metabolic pathways
  • Performs large and small-scale microbiological or cell culture procedures for protein production
  • Performs protein purifications and maintains operation of chromatographic instrumentation
  • Works with automation scientists to adapt biochemical assays to robotic platforms to enable high throughput screening, and to identify improved variants from primary screens for follow-up analysis in secondary screens and kinetic characterization.
  • Uses their keen attention to detail to identify and troubleshoot assay performance and does not hesitate to bring attention to and work with team members to solve problems.


  • BS/MS in Biochemistry, Bioengineering, or Molecular Biology, or related scientific field with at least 4 years of hands-on laboratory experience
  • Relevant laboratory skills as demonstrated by academic and/or professional industrial research experience.
  • Understanding of basic enzyme characterization techniques through relevant course work is strongly desired
  • Experience in protein purification
  • Excellent computer skills
  • Ability to manage, organize, and critically evaluate data
  • Good time management and desire to work in an environment where success is dependent upon teamwork and communication.
  • Ability to plan multi-day experiments and to adapt plans to changing schedules under tight deadlines.
  • Excellent organization and communication skills (both written and oral)



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