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Team coordinator to the Customer Experience team with a focus on assisting our Director and various projects. This role goes above and beyond the typical Assistant scope and you will become your Director’s right hand and the heart of your team’s business operation. Your primary responsibilities are handling detailed meeting planning, travel arrangements, expense reports, and correspondence. Beyond that, you will handle impactful projects and become deeply involved in the business. We are looking for a bright and eager professional who is seeking the opportunity of a lifetime, to be part of a mission that is positively changing the future. You will support our Director and Charging Experience teams in North America at our Page Office in Fremont, CA


• Be good at what you do!

• Strong organizational and communication skills

• Anticipate exec and team needs, and be proactive with solutions

• Create long-lasting relationships with your executive and the department; trust is important to us

• Handle hectic and complex calendars

• Supplier event coordination

• Maintain an advanced degree of confidentiality along with excellent judgement and discretion

• Build strong cross-functional relationships between other departments

• Develop and maintain administrative processes, that reduce redundancy and improve accuracy, while achieving organizational objectives

• Coordinate national and international travel arrangements

• Seating plans and management with workplace

• Assist with projects, event planning, meetings, and other responsibilities that come your way

• Move at the speed of light (we know that’s not possible, but we try to get as close as we can)


• Bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience required

• 4+ years of experience in an administrative role

• Excellent computer skills and comprehension of Outlook, PowerPoint, Keynote and Excel

• Positive attitude in stressful situations

• Organization and attention to detail is mandatory

• Strong scheduling and calendar management skills

• Ability to multi-task in a fast paced environment, while thinking quickly on your feet

• Flexibility with last minute changes (sort of like Gumby)

• Ability to pinpoint problems and find creative solutions

• Strong business acumen

• Last but not least, a strong passion for Tesla’s mission


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