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The Applied Materials & Performance group at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory is seeking a materials scientist who has a strong skill set in metallurgy to contribute to the development and application of high performance materials and innovative processing approaches. This position will support business lines associated with nuclear systems, next generation lightweight vehicles, and other markets where improvements in materials performance are of interest to the Department of Energy and other clients.

The position holder will:
• Synthesize and study the structures and physical/chemical properties of metals and other materials from atomic to large length scales and perform short- and long-term characterization, modeling, or testing of these materials to understand their behavior and determine ways to improve them or develop new materials with specific properties.

• Develop individual steps and combined processes for manufacturing, joining, finishing, treating, and strengthening materials.

• Research, plan, design, and develop mechanical and other specialty testing systems.

• Collaborate with highly diverse research staff in the following technical areas:

  • Forming, joining, and mechanical testing of zirconium and stainless steel components for nuclear applications,
  • Development and characterization of high strength lightweight materials for vehicles,
  • Understanding and characterization of the microstructure and behavior of materials under specified operating conditions and external factors,
  • Advanced forming, joining and manufacturing processes for metals,
  • Topics in mechanical metallurgy and applied mechanics, including design of experiments and application for materials development.

• Applicants must have a strong sense of physical and/or mechanical metallurgy, with the ability to assess and use analytical results for designing and conducting experiments. The position will require interaction on a daily basis with project managers and other scientists and engineers with a diversity of backgrounds. The successful candidate will have the opportunity (and desire) to work on projects solving problems in a large variety of areas, including the transportation and nuclear sectors. In addition, the selected candidate will be expected to propose original ideas and technical suggestions to senior staff and project managers to solve science and engineering problems. The position holder is expected to have an established professional reputation for technical expertise through key technical contributions to the field.

**Minimum Qualifications**

• BS/BA with 5 years of experience, or MS/MA with 3 years of experience, or PhD with 1 years of experience

• Ability to obtain a DOE “Q†security clearance which requires U.S. citizenship.

**Preferred Qualifications**

• PhD in materials science, metallurgy, mechanical engineering, or related field with 3 or more years of industrial or research laboratory experience

• Demonstrated ability to select and develop technical approaches on project assignments; principal investigator on projects or tasks

• Experience in designing and executing experimental projects in brazing, extrusion, rolling or other forms of thermomechanical processing for metallic alloy systems.

• Demonstrated ability to select and conduct tests in the area of metallic corrosion.



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