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The summer internship position in the Global Audit Department will support the programs of SunPower’s governance risk and compliance related activities. This role requires ability to: (1) understand processes and controls and how they contribute to achieving the organization’s overall strategy and objectives; (2) conduct extensive research and apply solutions in complex business problems and issues; (3) identify process/control gaps or improvement opportunities; (4) proactively suggest best practices or new/ unfamiliar approach or methodologies in resolving the issues and challenge status quo; (5) be able to work harmoniously with team members and stakeholders; and (6) understand stakeholder requirements and effectively communicate to cross-functional leaders/process owners.

BS/BA degree in Finance, Accounting, Operations Management, or Business Administration
Extremely strong written and verbal communication skills
Well-developed professional interpersonal skills; ability to interact effectively with people at all levels of the organization and at different geographic locations

Develop strong working relationships with process owners and leaders of different functions

Understand best practices in business processes, internal controls and risk management

Understand interrelationship between organization’s objectives to business process, controls and challenges

Develop critical thinking skills

You will learn how to consolidate critical data into an effective report or presentation and then communicate results to various teams.


Intern Program Overview

  • 10-12 week summer program
  • Interns will individually work under the direction of their managers.
  • All interns will complete the program by the last day of August 2018. At the completion of the program, the intern will be evaluated and considered for possible future full time employment upon graduation.
  • Hourly-based, paid internship, approximately 40 hours per week.
  • LI-CB


More Information

  • Term Intern summer 2018
  • Company SunPower
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