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SunPower is seeking an intern for our Module Products group.

ESSENTIAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES include the following (other duties may be assigned):

  • Perform FEA simulation of current and future products predicting impact of proposed changes
  • Validate results with solar panel testing in the lab
  • Develop integrated module testing facilities to enhance SunPower’s ability to obtain and process useful test data.
  • Evaluate novel materials for next-gen solar modules
  • Perform mechanical testing of PV modules as well as material property measurements and electrical tests on prototypes
  • Write reports/presentation summarizing the experimental results


Minimum requirements – The least amount of skills and training candidates must have to do a specific job. Candidates not meeting these requirements will not be hired for this position.

  • Min 3 years towards BS in Materials Science, Mechanical Engineering, Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Physics or equivalent.
  • Working knowledge of FEA software (Abaqus preferred, ANSYS acceptable)
  • Working knowledge of CAD software (SolidWorks preferred)
  • Hands-on experience with mechanical testing and data acquisition (LabView Preferred, Python/Matlab acceptable)
  • Basic electrical competency, training to work around high voltage safely.
  • Able to learn and work in lab to make prototype solar module samples
  • Knowledge of MS Office (Excel, Power Point) required
  • Good working attitude, able to multi-task a variety of projects
  • Quick learner, independent, able to work and deliver results with minimum supervision

Preferred requirements

  • Expertise in CAE mechanical simulation
  • Ability to design solar panel components and concepts from scratch
  • Understanding of manufacturing processes and development timelines (Extrusion, molding, sheet metal)
  • Familiar with mechanical testing of materials, reliability testing and tool development
  • Familiarity with and use of rapid prototyping to assess designs prior to ordering production components.
  • Experience working in a manufacturing environment.


Intern Program Overview

  • 10-12 week summer program
  • Interns will individually work under the direction of their managers and will participate in a series of preplanned events throughout the summer, including executive presentations, a team-building day, and an end-of-program intern presentation to his/her manager and eStaff member about the project they delivered during their internship.
  • All interns will complete the program by the last day of August 2015. At the completion of the program, the intern will be evaluated and considered for possible future full time employment upon graduation.
  • Hourly-based, paid internship, approximately 40 hours per week.


More Information

  • Term Intern summer 2018
  • Company SunPower
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