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The Micrositing Wind Resource Assessment (WRA) function will lead evaluations for wind farms, contribute to process development and execute digital wind strategy for world class wind turbine design and siting. You complete WRAs and optimize wind farms for sales technical support on Wind Turbine proposals and digital wind farm development.

Essential Responsibilities:
As an integral part of GE’s Digital Wind Farm engineering team, this critical role in the front end of the business helps us understand the operating environment for our turbines, assessing their production capability as well as mechanical loading, and proposing ways to add customer value.

As the Micrositing Wind Resource Assessment, you will:

  • Support new units and services proposals by performing Wind Resource, Annual Energy Production, Turbine Layout Optimization and noise propagation Assessments
  • Translate measured wind conditions to wind resource characterizations and generate input conditions to Mechanical Loads Assessments
  • Develop solutions to increase customer value and enable digital wind farm optimization
  • Enhance GE’s digital wind strategy for speed, productivity and accuracy
  • Explore methods that utitilize mesoscale models to enable improved assessments of past and future site production and extended turbine life
  • Lead engineering programs to develop and evaluate methods to improve siting and optimization tools
  • Support multi-layer data structuring and software development
  • Track industry trends and R&D initiatives
  • Engage with internal and external parties
  • Proactively implement trends and new ideas into our internal processes in collaboration with the global WRA team
  • Lead Process changes allowing the team to achieve “Fulfillment Excellence” thru on-time delivery with first time quality for all proposals
  • Mentor team members regarding WRA process and technology improvements
  • Provide support to customers for wind resource assessment technical inquiries and communications, as well as review of customer specifications and site data including interfacing with product teams to facilitate implementation of new WTG offerings & features

Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering or Science (Mechanical, Electrical, Physics, Atmospheric Science, or related) from an accredited college or university (OR a High School Diploma / GED with a minimum 4 years of experience in an engineering, IT, scientific or other technical position)

Desired Characteristics:

  • Experience in wind resource assessment, site screening and feasibility or micrositing issues in the wind energy development process
  • Experience with layout design and optimization for wind farms
  • Experience with WAsP, WAsP Engineering, OpenWind (or equivalent wind flow modeling), mesoscale wind methods, GIS tools, Wind Turbine micro-siting, and wind farm design
  • Software development and automation / digitalization experience
  • Experience designing and implementing digitization solutions to improve internal fulfillment processes and workflows
  • Experience providing technical support to sales, commercial and marketing functions
  • Customer negotiations for technical and commercial topics
  • Strong written, oral, & presentation skills
  • Ability and willingness to accept challenges outside of technical expertise / comfort zone
  • Self Motivated, Team player, with Demonstrated Creativity and Fulfillment
  • Master’s Degree or equivalent Advanced Degree from an accredited college or university
  • PhD from an accredited college or university
  • Strong proficiency in English, with fluency in other languages than English


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