Northwestern Cleantech Careers Exploration

Northwestern Cleantech Careers Exploration

Co-hosted by Northwestern University Engineers for a Sustainable World and the Northwestern University Energy Club


On October 22, at 6pm, Northwestern students are invited to talk, by phone, with young professionals working in renewable energy jobs (see profiles below).  The group conference call format is intended to:

  • Teach best practices for doing an informational interview
  • Help students learn from each other – so you can do informational interviews better on your own
  • Get great information and inspiration from awesome young professionals working in the coolest cleantech sectors – solar, EVs, energy storage, etc.
  • Northwestern Cleantech Careers teaches you how to get a job or internship at the cool cleantech companies who do not come to campus!


Where & When

Seabury Hall, Room 250 from 6-7pm

Everyone is welcome to attend the Northwestern Cleantech Careers event.  We’re planning to chat with 3 to 4 people for about 15 to 20 minutes each.  We’re not sure if all students will be able to ask a question, but we’ll do our best.  The goal here is not for you to sell yourself on the phone, but to learn about cleantech careers by asking questions and to become more familiar and comfortable with the process of informational interviewing.


6:00-6:15 – Mike Brownell summarizes cleantech networking best practices:  mapping specific majors to specific job roles, harvesting key data from online job listing without applying, talking to recent grads in clean tech is hard but so important, and getting recent grads to tell their story (not hear yours).

6:15: 7:00 – Students interview cleantech employees (profiles below) via phone.  One question per student.  Students may wish to read the following article:  How to Prepare for an Informational Interview.  Students should have more than one question ready to ask in case “that person ahead of you asks your question.”  Students also should review the Linkedin pages of the interviewees in advance (click pics below) to help them craft questions tailored to an interviewee’s specific background (this shows respect and sincere interest).



Northwestern Cleantech Career Interviewees


Jamie Yarmoff, Project Manager at sPower


Dana Christensen, Product Manager at Stem



Wesley Lien, Finance Associate at Pattern Energy


Next Steps (after the event) to Find Your Cool Cleantech Job/Internship

These are the most important things you need to do next:

  1. Figure out the renewable energy job roles (think job titles) that match your coursework and interests.  The following points really help.
  2. Sign up for the Dayaway listserv to get a weekly email with jobs organized by degree and major.  Just seeing the job titles for your major will really help.
  3. Go to the Dayaway Advanced Job Search page and search for jobs for your degree and major.
  4. Read the short (like <2 min reads) articles on the Insights page.  Tons of good advice and lists of helpful information.
  5. Most importantly, you need to talk to more people like you did tonight during the Northwestern Cleantech Careers event.  Use our Zoom-In platform to find people on Linkedin whom you need to talk to.  Zoom-In contains about 2k young cleantech profiles like the people we talked to tonight.  Zoom-In will speed up your Linkedin searching and enable you to find people with your major or from you school working in renewable energy and related cleantech sectors.

Hope this helps.  Get in touch anytime.

Renewably yours,

Mike B

Thanks to all the students in the room tonight at Northwestern Cleantech Careers