The Numbers Game: Quantity with Quality

The Numbers Game: Quantity with Quality

Written for Dayaway by a professional recruiter, Dan McGrath

Increasing Your Odds of Success

Looking for a job in general and trying to secure a Clean Tech job in particular requires you to play what I refer to as the numbers game. This means a renewable energy job search strategy emphasizing that the more informational interviews you do and the more job applications you submit, the more you increase your chances of getting interviews, 2nd interviews, and so on to the point where you receive offers.

The High Cost of Perfection

Too many job seekers (especially engineers and analytic types) embrace a mistaken renewable energy job search strategy of trying to craft the “perfect” online application or to line up the perfect informational interview.  You don’t have time for this.  Good now is better than perfect later. While you’re tinkering for perfection on the sidelines, other candidates are on the field interviewing for jobs YOU could get simply because they’ve introduced themselves to prospective employers via applications and informational interviews.

A Renewable Energy Job Search Strategy of Balance and Options

The point here is about balance and options.  Be selective about which jobs and people you target.  Be thoughtful about how you write.  But don’t feel you need to be perfect or that you can’t make a mistake.   Don’t succumb to paralysis by analysis.   This approach will permit you to have both quantity and quality.  And, it will give you options to pick from.

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