Smart Grid & Energy Efficiency Investors

Smart Grid & Energy Efficiency Investors

VC, PE and IB Firms

Do you want to start or grow your own start-up or maybe become a sick rich cleantech investor.  If so, you need to identify the venture capital, private equity and investment banking firms investing in renewable energy.  Fortunately, Dayaway can help.

Following the Money

Dayaway monitors several hundred sustainable energy companies to spot the entry level jobs they offer fresh college graduates.  Moreover, we not only follow the jobs, but we also follow the money.  Specifically, we follow the investors in companies making sustainable energy and making us use energy more sustainably (EVs, energy storage, smart-grid, energy efficiency, climate change).   Best of all, we share 🙂

Our List

We have listed below some of the firms from our list of investors in Smart Grid & Energy Efficiency companies.  We’ve grouped these two sectors together because sometimes, if not often, companies have products or services in both sectors.  Each of the following firms has invested in at least one smart grid and/or energy efficiency. If you would like the complete list of investors (including the companies in which they have invested), please get in touch from our About pageCheck out the Insights  page for more great lists of investors in sustainable energy.



Sun Capital Partners Constellation Technology Ventures Techammer
Clean Energy Trust Elemental Excelerator Bluescape Energy Partners
ARCH Venture Partners innogy New Ventures LLC Breyer Capital
CIT GAP Funds Red Swan Ventures InterWest Partners
Energy Impact Partners International Finance Corporation Sutter Hill Ventures
Envision Ventures WindSail Capital Group TPG Growth
Voyager Capital Emergence Capital Partners Wildcat Venture Partners
SkyDeck | Berkeley Navitas Capital The Social Entrepreneurs Fund