Top MBA Programs with MBAs Working in Renewable Energy

Top MBA Programs with MBAs Working in Renewable Energy

Want to know which MBA programs have the largest number of recently graduated MBAs working in renewable energy?  Then, check out the infogram below.

Dayaway helps MBA candidates get clean energy jobs and internships through our Everyman networking platform which connects them with recent graduates employed in clean energy.  So we have pretty good data (approximately 500 MBA profiles). The data represents 2010-2018 graduates working at companies that (a) produce sustainable energy (e.g., solar, wind, bioenergy, etc.) or (b) provide products and services that help us use energy more sustainably (e.g., electric cars, energy-efficiency, smart-grid, etc.).  Some companies are pure-plays (Stem, Invenergy), others have a divisional focus (GE Renewables, PGE).  .

Is the data statistically unbiased?  Probably not.  But does it provide insight?  We think it does as it shows that so many of the country’s great MBA programs are placing their graduates into sustainable energy careers – tomorrow’s energy professionals.  MBAs have plenty of employment options.  It’s inspiring to see so many MBAs working in renewable energy!

Special thanks to Phillip Dziedzic from Northwestern for the great infographic!


MBAs working in renewable energy