A Useful List of Great Renewable Energy Organizations

A Useful List of Great Renewable Energy Organizations

Every hiring process will put your knowledge to the test. Knowledge about the industry, its leaders and its most pressing issues.  So, the trick is to meet people in renewables and to be informed about Renewable Energy when you do – hot topics, new cool technologies, who’s making and losing money, etc. (To do all of this without spending too much time on it, make sure to check out our article How to build up your Renewable Energy IQ.)

Listed below is our “short list” of great organizations to help you do this (yes, many are friends of Dayaway!). Some are good for in-person events; some just provide incredibly relevant information. These organizations will help you connect with the people who can help you get an renewable energy job:

The Green Program – Really cool Renewable Energy education abroad programs

Renewable Northwest – Forceful regional advocates

The Land Art Generator Initiative – RE can be beautiful

Grid Alternatives – Solar to the underserved

EDF Climate Corps – Awesome internships for graduate students

American Energy Society – Serious facts, great weekly newsletter

American Counsel on Renewable Energy (ACORE) – The RE motherload

Engineers for a Sustainable World – Local student chapters rocking sustainable energy

The Solutions Project 100.org – Scientists, movie stars & VCs into 100% RE

Student Energy – Coolest energy map ever

National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) – World’s best RE research

Solar Energy Industries Association – Solar motherload

American Wind Energy Association – Wind energy motherload


Let me know if you feel I missed an important org. Click here for more articles on this topic.