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Dayaway Careers curates entry-level, clean energy career opportunities for graduating/interning college students and recent graduates, and organizes them by degree, major, and industry.

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DayawayCircles_phoneAll jobsClean energyjobsBS/MS/MBArequiredEntry-levelDayaway

Top 5 Jobs on 10/20/2018

Position Industry Degree, Major
Bioenergy Business Development Analyst Bioenergy M.S., Environmental Science/Studies/Policy
Solar Engineer – Performance & Prediction II Solar M.S., Atmospheric Science
Energy-Storage Application Engineer Energy-Storage B.S., Electrical Engineering
Solar-Wind Energy Storage Manager Solar-Wind MBA, Marketing/Strategy
Smart-Grid New Graduate – Quality Engineer Smart-Grid B.S., Chemical Engineering

Everyman: The Clean Energy Contact Platform

People get people jobs. Use our EverymanTM platform to find the “right people” who can jump-start your clean energy career. Recent graduates (1) from your school or (2) with your major are the right people in clean energy most likely to help you.

Searching for these people by major or school is difficult on Linkedin. It’s super easy  on EverymanTM. We organize them that way, and have over 2000 handpicked, young, clean energy career professionals:


BS Civil Engineering and Environmental Engineering and Energy-Environment Certificate
Class of 2013

Current Job:
Product Manager, Smart-Grid


MS Finance & Statistics
Class of 2018

Current Job:
2019 Prospect, 2018 Prospect


MS Energy Engineering
Class of 2011

Current Job:
Market Development Assoc, Wind-Energy

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