Terms of Use

The following terms govern the use of this site by all users.

You will use the site solely to support your personal job search (that is, to help you find a job or internship) and not to compete against Dayaway or to help anyone else compete against Dayaway.

The Everyman section of the is site is not to be used by recruiters, however, Dayaway will be happy to work directly with recruiters who contact Dayaway directly.

If you are an opted-in member, you promise that the information you have provided is truthful, and that you will not use your account on behalf of others (e.g., providing contact information to someone not registered as an opted-in member or sharing your sign in information to allows someone else to use your account).

Opted-in users will be sent a Linkedin connection request (from Mike Brownell) to verify their identity.  You must accept this request so Dayaway can be sure you are who you say you are (you may remove Mike as a Linkedin connection immediately afterwards :).  Dayaway will cancel your Dayaway account if you do not accept this Linkedin connection request within 2 days after being sent.

When using Dayaway’s links to other sites, you will use those site’s in accordance with their terms.

Dayaway may terminate your registration if Dayaway determines you have violated these terms, the terms of another site accessed from Dayaway, any applicable law, or if Dayaway concludes that your use is not in Dayaway’s or its users’ best interests.

If Dayaway terminates your registration, Dayaway will remove your personal information (profile and job listings) from the site.

You understand that information posted on Dayaway may be down-loaded, forwarded and reposted to other sites and that Dayaway has no control over such downstream uses nor can Dayaway retrieve or investigate such uses.

While Dayaway offers certain privacy protection features, it does not guarantee that your privacy will be safeguarded.

You will only post information that is truthful, not misleading and that you have the right to post.

Dayaway is not legally responsible for the accuracy or completeness of the site’s content or how other users use your information, however Dayaway will attempt to address all such complaints reported to it.

You will not edit another user’s information unless authorized to do so by that user.

Dayaway will work hard to provide helpful information and to promote good behaviors by its users. If Dayaway fails to do this, fails to meet your expectations in any other way or breaches any of its obligations under these terms or otherwise, you agree that your only right and Dayaway’s only liability is for you to terminate your use of Dayaway.

Dayaway promotes collaboration for the benefit of all its users. Therefore, the legal rights to all ideas, literary works and content generally that you communicate to Dayaway (other than your personal profile and job listing information discussed below) belongs to Dayaway, and you agree to sign additional documentation requested by Dayaway in the future to transfer such complete ownership legal rights to it.

Dayaway reserves the right to update these terms without advance notice to you.

These terms, including all future changes to them, constitute the complete and exclusive agreement between you and Dayaway.