About Dayaway’s Renewable Energy Career Resources

Dayaway is a renewable energy jobs board, networking platform and resource center helping college students and recent graduates find renewable energy jobs.

I’m just a day away from where I want to be

Jackson Browne, ``Your Bright Baby Blues``

I listened to these words over and over as a college student because they described how I felt – the feeling of confidence from knowing you’re getting close to goals set and to making dreams come true – as well as the feeling of uncertainty from knowing that you’re not there yet, and that you might not make it.  Dayaway is our name because this is the state of renewable energy jobs and the mindset of many college Millennials.  Sometimes, a little help makes a big difference.  That’s what our renewable energy career resources are about.

I don’t want 1.2M search results, just a few good ones.


We’ve found the right mix of personality and technology. All of our renewable energy jobs and network members are handpicked. Artificial intelligence and machine learning will do this someday, but for now someone needs to take the time to apply judgment. This technology-personality mix makes us different. We’re not about big data, instead, we’re about good data with a personal touch.  Our renewable energy career resources make a difference for people making a difference.

Money is not the prime asset. Time is.

Gordon Gekko, Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps

We’re not a non-profit, so we don’t seek or accept donations. We don’t sell advertising. Our support is free to everyone, even though we’re self-funded. Our renewable energy career resources are an investment in the future, specifically in tomorrow’s clean energy professionals. This is not a recommendable business plan, however, this approach has enabled us to: grow 25% annually since 2009, become a nationally admired brand among clean energy-minded college students, and remain independent and objective.

Collaborative Partners

AES supports renewable energy jobs
TGP supports renewable energy jobs
renewable-northwest supports renewable energy jobs
100org supports renewable energy jobs
ESW AES supports renewable energy jobs
Student Energy supports renewable energy jobs
Climate Corps supports renewable energy jobs
clean energy NGO
LAGI supports renewable energy jobs

Contact Us

Email me at mike@dayawaycareers.com if you’d like more information about Dayaway Careers and our renewable energy jobs support.
Michael Brownell, President & Founder
Dayaway Careers LLC