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* Scripting automated workflows on large integrated robotic systems.
* Scripting automated workflows on robotic liquid handlers.
* Working collaboratively with our scientists and software engineers to build efficient automated laboratory workflows in support of genomics, analytical chemistry, fermentation, and high throughput screening.
* Creating and executing maintenance protocols and calibration routines for robotic peripherals.
* DOE and execution of robotic system qualifications.
* Implementing real time quality control measures into automated systems to track liquid handling performance, and detect/predict failure events.
* Acting as an advocate and ambassador for the Automation team.

* BS or MS in a scientific or engineering discipline with 3+ years of hands on assay automation and liquid handling experience.
* Expert ability to create, validate, optimize and maintain liquid handling processes on robotic workstations.
* Experience with programming automated systems (Beckman FX/NX, Agilent VWorks, Biosero Green Button Go, Dynamic Devices Method Manager).
* Direct experience in converting bench top or semi-automated into fully automated assays.
* Direct experience with the automation of genomics workflows.
* Ability to design, document and communicate complex laboratory workflows and requirements to a cross functional team.
* Energetic and self-motivated. Able to work independently and as part of a team.

Nice to have 
* Experience with relevant software languages such as python/perl, C, C++, C#, F#,SQL, LabView
* Understanding of relational databases including design of data models and facility with SQL.
* Experience with integration of laboratory equipment to laboratory information systems (LIMS)



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