How to Get a Job in Renewable Energy

These tips and resources are recommended by college students for students asking the question: “How do I get a job in renewable energy?”

Informational Interviews – More Buying, Less Selling

Arranging informational interviews with recent graduates working in renewable energy is the single most important networking step you must take. The strategy is as much about what you don’t do as what you do. You don’t

Informational Interviews – How to Make the Connection

After you have identified specific industries, companies and roles you are interested in (making a large brainstorming tree is very helpful), most folks go to LinkedIn and do a “company search” to find companies they

Finding the Common Ground – The Most Effective Networking Tool

When you’re networking digitally (i.e., sending emails to young professionals you don’t know), you need to make certain that you reach out to people with whom you have common ground. Common ground makes you more

How to Prepare for your Informational Interview

Before your interview, do serious online research about the company and the person. Google the company to learn about their products, services, leadership, financial report card, press releases, etc. Study your interviewee’s Linkedin profile carefully (the

How to Make that Perfect Cover Letter

Lots of people have lots of opinions about cover letters – length, organization, content, etc. But, there’s at least one consensus point: show you know something about the company to which you are writing! Most

How to become a LinkedIn Pro

After spending way too much time on LinkedIn to help you guys, here are things I urge you to do (and not to do). When creating your profile: Headshot HD pic, 400 by 400

Getting Value from an Online Job Listing Without Applying for the Job

Most people feel that online jobs listings suck. While we agree that most of your job search time should be spent talking to people who can help you and not on Google, a site like

A Useful List of Great Renewable Energy Organizations

Every hiring process will put your knowledge to the test. Knowledge about the industry, its leaders and its most pressing issues.  So, the trick is to meet people in renewables and to be informed about

Don’t be Afraid of the Detour – Just Follow Your North Star

Many, maybe a majority of, the early stage professionals I see working in clean energy have worked outside clean energy first. Depending upon their degree and major, they’ve worked (for a year or two) at

Renewable Energy Internships: Unpaid Internships May Pay Off

Reasons to Consider Unpaid Internships. Many students ignore summer unpaid internships. Let’s face it, you need the money, and it just seems wrong to work and not get paid, right?  However, the following reasons convince

Far Away From Home? Be Open to a Road-Trip Internship!

Get Ready to Hit the Road Most students are not going to find a summer renewable energy internship in their home or college town.  Many RE companies are clustered in a few well-known cleantech zones

A Guide to Consulting Firms in Renewable Energy

Set forth below is a list of consulting, engineering & software firms active in clean energy and energy efficiency. Better yet, they hire recent college graduates (and interns)! This is a diversified list: small &