How to Get a Job in Renewable Energy

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These tips and resources are recommended by college students for students asking the question: “So, how do I get a job in renewable energy?”

Should You Take an Internship After Graduation?

Signing up for a clean energy internship is probably the last thing you want to do after graduating.  However, for some, this can often be the best move to get the first permanent job in

Tepper and Dayaway Cleantech Careers Exploration

What On December 4, at 130pm ET, Tepper Energy & Clean Tech Club MBA candidates are invited to talk, by Zoom, with cleantech insiders about getting jobs & internships in renewable energy jobs (see profiles

Sustainable Energy Careers

On behalf of the American Energy Society and The Green Program, I would like to thank you for joining our Nov 17 Zoom call on Sustainable Energy Careers.  This page contains a collection of links

Early Stage Cleantech Women Professionals: Data and Employee Insights

Written by Jennifer Craft and Michael Brownell |  Graphics by Phillip Dziedzic  |  Data by Dayaway Careers Introduction   The clean tech boom has benefitted numerous professionals with varying interests and backgrounds. Both men and

Don’t be Afraid of the Detour – Just Follow Your North Star

You Start Where You Have to Start Many, maybe a majority of, the early stage professionals I see working in clean energy have worked outside clean energy first. Depending upon their degree and major, they’ve

How Project Management Training Can Launch Your Career in Cleantech

At least 20% of all the entry level, cleantech jobs that Dayaway lists are for project management, supply chain and logistics roles  (click to see fresh postings ).   Considering that the majority of our other

The Expertise Stepping Stone

Pigeon Hole or Stepping Stone? Super talented young professionals often have a laser focus for the perfect sustainable energy job and ignore anything less by saying , “I don’t want to get pigeon-holed!”  They have

How to Build Your Professional Brand

Have you thought about your professional brand, about how you get labeled in a few words?  Businesses shape their brands.  So should you. Your Strengths and Interests. Think first about career related things you are

Northwestern Cleantech Careers Exploration

Co-hosted by Northwestern University Engineers for a Sustainable World and the Northwestern University Energy Club What On October 22, at 6pm, Northwestern students are invited to talk, by phone, with young professionals working in renewable

Northwestern Undergraduate Energy Club & Northwestern Engineers for a Sustainable World

How to Build Up Your Renewable Energy Vocabulary

Sound Like You Understand the Industry Employers look for entry-level hires who “understand their business and understand the industry.” The problem for a student is that this is the stuff you don’t learn in class.

Getting Value from an Online Job Listing Without Applying for the Job

Most people feel that online jobs listings are a waste of time.  Admittedly, most of your job search time should be spent talking to people who can help you and not on Google.  However, the

How to Make that Perfect Cover Letter

Talk About the Company! Lots of people have lots of opinions about cover letters – length, organization, content, etc.  But, there’s at least one consensus point: show you know something about the company to which