How to Get a Job in Renewable Energy

These tips and resources are recommended by college students for students asking the question: “How do I get a job in renewable energy?”

Smart Grid & Energy Efficiency Investors

VC, PE and IB Firms Do you want to start or grow your own start-up or maybe become a sick rich cleantech investor.  If so, you need to identify the venture capital, private equity and

Sustainability Summer Fellowships

On November 27 at 6pm ET, Chaprece Henry, Climate Corps Sustainability Fellowship Recruitment Manager, will provide insight ranging from application best practices, mistakes to avoid, high priority applicant profiles and answers to your questions. The

A List of 18 Great Clean Energy Job Boards

No one does a better job than Dayaway at curating online clean energy job listings for college students – self-promoting, but true… However, we’re not the only clean energy job boards game in town. You

Top Schools with BS/BA Graduates Working in Sustainable Energy

We analyzed 1800+ BS/BA graduates working in sustainable energy to identify their Alma Maters.  The infographic below shows the top schools. The data represents 2010-2017 graduates working in sustainable energy at companies that (a) produce

Energy Storage Investors

Whether you want to start or grow your own start-up or maybe become a sick rich cleantech investor, you need to identify the venture capital, private equity and investment banking firms investing in renewable energy. 

CELI emPOWER Conference

Join the largest gathering of young clean energy professionals at the Clean Energy Leadership Institute’s emPOWER Conference on October 25 in Washington, DC. With opportunities to connect with each other, learn about industry trends, and

Why Following Up Should Always Be A Priority

When applying for jobs & internships, you need to follow-up, say thank you and move fast. People will remember you if you do, and won’t if you don’t. Follow-up after: completing an application, interview, informational

Informational Interviews – More Buying, Less Selling

Arranging informational interviews with recent graduates working in renewable energy is the single most important networking step you must take. The strategy is as much about what you don’t do as what you do. You don’t

Informational Interviews – How to Make the Connection

After you have identified specific industries, companies and roles you are interested in (making a large brainstorming tree is very helpful), most folks go to LinkedIn and do a “company search” to find companies they

Finding the Common Ground – The Most Effective Networking Tool

When you’re networking digitally (i.e., sending emails to young professionals you don’t know), you need to make certain that you reach out to people with whom you have common ground. Common ground makes you more

How to Prepare for your Informational Interview

Before your interview, do serious online research about the company and the person. Google the company to learn about their products, services, leadership, financial report card, press releases, etc. Study your interviewee’s Linkedin profile carefully (the

How to become a LinkedIn Pro

After spending way too much time on LinkedIn to help you guys, here are things I urge you to do (and not to do). When creating your profile: Headshot HD pic, 400 by 400