How to Get a Job in Renewable Energy

These tips and resources are recommended by college students for students asking the question: “How do I get a job in renewable energy?”

How to become a LinkedIn Pro

After spending way too much time on LinkedIn to help you guys, here are things I urge you to do (and not to do). When creating your profile: Headshot HD pic, 400 by 400

Don’t be Afraid of the Detour – Just Follow Your North Star

Many, maybe a majority of, the early stage professionals I see working in clean energy have worked outside clean energy first. Depending upon their degree and major, they’ve worked (for a year or two) at

A Guide to Consulting Firms in Renewable Energy

Set forth below is a list of consulting, engineering & software firms active in clean energy and energy efficiency.  Better yet, they hire recent college graduates (and interns)! This is a diversified list: small &

The Numbers Game: Quantity with Quality

Looking for a job in general and trying to secure a Clean Tech job in particular requires you to play what I refer to as the numbers game. This means that the more informational interviews

The Expertise Stepping Stone

Super talented young professionals looking for a renewable energy job often say, “I don’t want to get pigeon-holed!” They have a vision for their future. Most jobs don’t line up. So, they hold out; they