How to Get a Job in Renewable Energy

These tips and resources are recommended by college students for students asking the question: “How do I get a job in renewable energy?”

Getting Value from an Online Job Listing Without Applying for the Job

Most people feel that online jobs listings suck. While we agree that most of your job search time should be spent talking to people who can help you and not on Google, a site like

Don’t be Afraid of the Detour – Just Follow Your North Star

Many, maybe a majority of, the early stage professionals I see working in clean energy have worked outside clean energy first. Depending upon their degree and major, they’ve worked (for a year or two) at

A Guide to Consulting Firms in Renewable Energy

Set forth below is a list of consulting, engineering & software firms active in clean energy and energy efficiency. Better yet, they hire recent college graduates (and interns)! This is a diversified list: small &

The Numbers Game: Quantity with Quality

Looking for a job in general and trying to secure a Clean Tech job in particular requires you to play what I refer to as the numbers game. This means that the more opportunities you

The Expertise Stepping Stone

Super talented young professionals looking for a renewable energy job often say, “I don’t want to get pigeon-holed!” They have a vision for their future. Most jobs don’t line up. So, they hold out; they